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Monday, September 12, 2016

Updates to Your Account

As we announced earlier this summer, QualifiedCarriers.com now provides the raw data released by FMCSA as Absolute Value BASIC Scores. There is no intervention threshold tied to absolute scores, therefore, while customers have access to set their own thresholds, QualifiedCarriers.com has no guidance as to where those thresholds should be set and does not advocate setting of a threshold. 

The feature indicating an upward or downward trend in month-to-month scores has been reinstated. The green down arrow indicates that the score has decreased since the previous month and the red up arrow indicates an increase in the score since the previous month.

Finally, you’ll find a new feature allowing you to view a carrier’s out of service (OOS) percentile for both driver and vehicle, along with the ability to compare it to the national average of OOS for each category.

Please contact the team at QualifiedCarriers.com if you have any questions on the new features.

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