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Monday, February 18, 2013



Cherry Hill, NJ USA, February 18, 2013

QualifedCarriers.com CEO Jeff Tucker is pleased to announce the launch of QualifiedMarineTerminals.com.
As the petro-chemical industry seeks to reduce spills, accidents, losses and other risks, the industry is moving toward a more comprehensive and global standard for screening, selecting, and monitoring marine terminals for compliance, safety, and security.  To assist this effort, QualifiedCarriers.com has launched a Web-based risk management toolbox specifically designed for managing marine terminal risk.  The Web site, QualifiedMarineTerminals.com, provides users with platforms for measuring compliance against industry standards, performing marine terminal self-assessments and on-site audits, and launching and tracking corrective and preventive action (CAPA) .  The system comes complete with secure document management, task scheduling functions, and a variety of related tools.
A major oil exploration, refining retailer, and long-time subscriber to QualifiedCarriers.com, approached QualifiedCarriers in early 2011, seeking a solution for growing marine terminal risk.  The client had been relying on QualifedCarriers.com for years as a Web-based toolbox for managing risk associated with hiring motor carriers.  Seeking a similar solution for marine terminal risk, the client naturally turned to QualifiedCarriers.
QualifiedCarriers.com is the nation’s most comprehensive USDOT data reporting and compliance toolbox for shippers. Among other things, we offer secure document management for key carrier documents, plus e-mail alerts when urgent changes occur to a carrier’s FMCSA status (e.g., authority, safety rating). We are the only firm of this type founded and managed by professional risk managers.  Our clients benefit from our knowledge and involvement of matters occurring in Washington, at FMCSA, PHMSA, and on Capitol Hill. Our Co-founder, Jeff Tucker has chaired the TIA Carrier Selection Framework Committee since 2006, is a member of the FMCSA MCSAC CSA Subcommittee, and has testified on CSA before Congress.
Contact: Jeff Tucker, CEO; jeff.tucker@qualifiedcarriers.com ; 856-773-9325 ext. 122; mobile: 856-498-5361 ###

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